France: Thousands of Jews flee Paris over escalating Muslim hate-crimes

More Jews flee Paris suburbs, saying they no longer feel safe amid rising anti-Semitism in France About 8,000 French Jews moved to Israel in 2015, according to Israeli data Figures were recorded in year a kosher supermarket was attacked in Paris Half of France’s Jewish population live in Paris but numbers have declined Middle East … Continue reading

UK: Muslim lone-jihadist attack a man unprovoked in subway and start to saw at his neck to cut his head off

Watch him as he attacks the man. There is no aggression or fear on his face. This is pure jihad sense of duty. Has nothing to do with “revenge” or that he is anymore mentally ill than other Muslims who are dedicted to Islam. The Muslim was neither Syrian or had any association with Syria, … Continue reading

Turkish leader Erdogan rejects family planning for Muslims – encourages more children

AFP | May 30, 2016, 05.13 PM IST   ISTANBUL: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken out against birth control and family planning , saying they go against Muslim traditions. Speaking at an educational foundation in Istanbul on Monday, Erdogan declared: “I say this openly: We will increase our descendants, we will increase our … Continue reading

Belgium: Muslim terrorist planned attack on Vlaams Belang anti-migration politician

Right-wing? Well it’s official, the pro-migrant, open-borders, liberal multiculturalists are on the side of the terrorists. As if we didn’t know that already. Of course they would want to stop anyone who stands in the way of Islamic expansion into infidel territory. The left-wingers are certainly not going to stop them. On the contrary, they … Continue reading

Brutal, laughing Muslim rapist who bragged about buying blue-eyed Yazidi girls is captured at sex-slave market by Iraqi forces

Can anyone be surprised that he was captured at a sex-slave market? Muslims have a strange infatuation and addiction to sex on a morbid scale. If you truly look at all the core principles of Islam and it’s laws, aims and intentions, you detect a religion constructed purely out of uncontrolled sex addiction. Muslims talk … Continue reading

India: Islamic State is not a threat. Muslims in India are just brimming with patriotism.

They are “brimming” with patriotism to whom? To their prophet and Allah. What other comment would you expect from someone named Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi? Behind closed doors he is thrilled at the prospect of India turning into a second Pakistan, ruled under Sharia, where the Hindus have to pay jizya (blood tax) to stay alive … Continue reading

Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health – AIDS and ******** high in Muslims

Merkel’s migration policy endangers German nation’s health by Drakula, Thursday, May 26, 2016 2:39 Before It’s News, A few days ago Anonymous hacker group published a number of Turkish hospitals’ databases. The stolen DBs are reported to contain patients’ personal data and their case histories. A thorough study of some published documents (// revealed horrifying … Continue reading

UK: Merkel Muslims from Albania puncture their own boat to be ‘rescued’ off Kent coast

You don’t rescue illegal intruders like this. You shoot them. They puncture and damage the boats themselves because when they are in “danger” they have to be rescued and taken to shore and their asylum papers processed. If they arrive without “drowning” they are pushed back and denied entry to land. . . Eighteen Albanian … Continue reading

UK: Music festivals, sports venues and nightclubs on high alert for Muslim suicide attacks

They’re ready to pop. It’s coming any day, any hour now. All across Europe. . . Music festivals, sports venues and nightclubs on high alert for ISIS suicide attacks as police reveal England squad will be under armed guard at Euro 2016 Police issued warning ahead of Euro 2016 and Glastonbury next month Crowded venues … Continue reading

Spain: British tourist is sex attacked in Majorca by Merkel Muslims

British tourist, 23, is sexually assaulted in Majorca as Spanish police hunt north African immigrant ‘who plied her with drink in Magaluf then attacked her on waste land’ Holidaymaker met her attacker during night out in Punta Ballena, Magaluf Man bought the 23-year-old drinks in bars until she started to feel unwell He then led … Continue reading

UK: Muslim businessman went on rape tours at Universities using fake student ID’s

Businessman, 40, who went on a 7,000 mile ‘rape tour’ of Britain’s universities to target women rendered helpless by cheap Freshers’ Week drink promotions is jailed  Tahir Nazir of Glasgow used university events to sneak into student halls  A woman in Manchester awoke to find him licking her and attempting rape In Cardiff he was … Continue reading

Germany: Migrant wearing ‘I’m Muslim, don’t panic’ T-shirt is brutally attacked for insulting Islam

Iraqi migrant who bought a T-shirt saying ‘I’m Muslim, don’t panic’ is hospitalised by three Islamic asylum seekers who thought he was insulting their religion  The 23-year-old bought T-shirt for a joke near his asylum home in Berlin But his fellow Muslim refugees failed to see funny side and beat him up Three angry Muslims … Continue reading

Saudi Arabia: Muslim shoots male doctor after baby delivery because wife was *****

We have met former foreign-doctors who left Saudi Barbaria before their contracts ended, for the sole reason they never knew if they would eventually be charged with Sharia punishment for simply doing their work. It’s a sick, sick country. The purest form of Islam is represented in Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of the “prophet” of … Continue reading