Belgian priest stabbed in his home when he refused to give Muslim asylum seeker money

Belgian priest, 65, stabbed in his home when he ‘refused to give asylum seeker money after letting him use his shower’ The Belgian priest has been named locally as 65-year-old Jos Vanderlee He reportedly let the asylum seeker use his shower at his home in Lanaken The suspect allegedly asked the priest for money and … Continue reading

Germany: Munich shopping centre and train station are evacuated when police receive bomb threat

Panic as Munich shopping centre and train station are evacuated when police receive bomb threat a week after nine killed in terror attack Area of Pasing Arcaden shopping centre and Pasing railway station cleared Police received phone call warning that a bomb had been placed in the area Munich police emphasised that the action was … Continue reading

British government grants Muslim terror plotter more pocket money, shorter curfew

Make the entire court responsible for these stupid judgements co-conspirator to murder. This is absolutely ridiculous. The British government has proven itself completely incapable of dealing with terrorism at all. Meaning, the victims of 7/7 must be compensated for a crime committed onto them by government endorsement. . . Only UK terrorist on an anti-terror … Continue reading

UK: Muslim cleric teach Islamic law: ‘Yes, you can take captives and own sex slaves’

Why is this a vile sermon? By calling it a vile sermon the media is actually insulting Islam. In addition, by always denying and insulting Islam they create a greater division with the Muslim community. There is nothing twisted, false or inaccurate in the cleric’s speech. The Muslim cleric is simply educating his congregation about … Continue reading

Sweden: Woman sex assaulted by nine Muslims in broad daylight, masturbating in public – Video

Video: Man says ex-girlfriend sexually molested by nine Muslim migrants in Sweden   By Joe Newby – Conservative Firing Line July 30, 2016 A Swedish man says his ex-girlfriend was sexually molested by 9 Muslim migrants.   On Friday, a man from Sweden said that he received word that his ex-girlfriend was sexually molested by … Continue reading

India: Exponential Muslim population growth at borders as Hindu population is shrinking

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
The exponential growth is taking place near border areas, indicating an illegal occupation pouring in from neighbouring Muslim countries. One must not forget that India lost both Pakistan and Bangladesh to a forced Muslim occupation, an enormous patch of homeland to give up to a foreign infiltration. The country is…

Corsica: Local militant group FLNC promises revenge on Islamic state if they terrorise the Island

‘No qualms’: Corsica militants warn ISIS they will strike back for terrorist attacks RT, 28 Jul, 2016 19:57 Masked National Corsican Liberation Front members (FLNC) from the “October 22” faction, are seen in this picture taken October 31, 2006 making a clandestine nightime statement in the hills of Corsica. © Pierre Murati / Reuters A … Continue reading

Germany: Shia Ali Sonboly who massacred nine people, ‘worshipped Hitler, hated Turks and Arabs’

German-Iranian gunman who killed 9 in Munich worshipped HITLER and hated Turks and Arabs THE German-Iranian teenage gunman who massacred nine in Munich last week worshipped Hitler and described sharing the same birthday as the Nazi leader as an “honour”. By Tom Batchelor PUBLISHED: 12:00, Thu, Jul 28, 2016 | ‘Ali’ David Sonboly, 18, murdered … Continue reading

Germany: A 400 SWAT team raid Hildesheim hot spot where ‘Muslims turn into jihadis’

Good lord! The Germans think jihadist terrorise and blow themselves up for the sake of some gang run by haram human beings? Gangs don’t offer 72 virgins in heaven nor is their pleasure of any importance. It’s Allah’s desires, according to his likes and dislikes as described by Mohammed, that motivates jihad. In other words, … Continue reading

Germany: Palestinian yells ‘Allahu-Akbar’ and tries to behead doctor in NRW

Bing and Google translated from German: . . Dr. Attila Tan (54) in his practice with a knife, attacked.   Attack on surgeon: “He yelled Allahu Akbar and tried to decapitate me” By Iris Klingelhöfer, 27.07.16, 06:26 Troisdorf [North Rhine-Westphalia] – After an attack in a doctor’s office, the doctor describes to EXPRESS the … Continue reading

Sweden: North African footballers sent home from tournament after molesting 16-year old girls

And what countries include the North African teams under UNAF? Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco. . . North African Footballers Sent Home From Tournament After Molesting Teen Girls by Virginia Hale 22 Jul 2016, Breitbart A North African football team has been sent home from the Gothia World Youth Cup tournament in Sweden after … Continue reading

Muslims used Hadith verses as a legal guide to decapitate French priest in Normandy

  ‘To those who dare to say we shouldn’t kill a priest… we spare no-one’: How cowardly ISIS jihadis tried to JUSTIFY butchering French clergyman using thousand-year-old text by Muslim scholar Terror group issued warning to people who ‘dared’ question priest killing Pointed to thousand-year-old text as justification for the brutal murder Abdel Malik and … Continue reading