Germany: Police arrest fifteen year old boy, after finding explosives in his home

  German police arrest boy, FIFTEEN, after finding explosives in his home: Teen was friends with Munich killer and ‘wanted to launch copycat attack with bombs’  An arsenal of weapons found at boy’s home in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart   Police say the boy had also been in contact online with Munich attacker  Germans have been reeling … Continue reading

Germany: Suitcase bomb detonated near immigration reception centre — ‘Arab men’ fled scene

Of course it’s them. We already tweeted this as soon as the news broke. They often commit their deeds close to their own quarters / neighborhoods / mosques. . . ‘Violent Explosion’ Outside German Office For Migration — ‘Arab Men’ Fled Scene   by Breitbart London 27 Jul 2016 An explosion had occurred in the … Continue reading

Poland: Muslim arrested with traces of explosives days before Pope’s visit

Iraqi man arrested in Poland ahead of Pope Francis’ visit A 48-year-old Iraqi man has been arrested on charges of possessing explosives in Poland. The arrest in Lodz comes just days ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Poland for World Youth Day. by Deutsche Welle Small amounts of explosives, “not sufficient to make an explosion” … Continue reading

German machete attack on pregnant woman is glorified as a crime of passion by local media

Absolutely disgusting. The media should be taken to court over these repugnant fabrications that grooms the general public into trivialising Islam. One Muslim attack after another in Germany founded on Islamic ideals are blamed on depression, divorce, unemployment, workplace violence, bullying – and now comes the last straw of desperation: the murdering Muslim jihadist was … Continue reading

Saudi father kidnapped his British daughter and kept her in cage for four years for ‘un-Islamic behaviour’

  Welsh schoolgirl ‘kept in a cage by her father for four years in Saudi Arabia after he accused her of un-Islamic behaviour’  Amina Al-Jeffery allegedly kept prisoner in a cage by father for four years Said to have been held there after being accused of un-Islamic behaviour Miss Al-Jeffery born in Swansea but taken … Continue reading

Germany: Muslims storm swimming pool yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ and threaten to exterminate women

These are no ‘Islamic state members’. They are merely devout Muslims. Merkel and her croonies can try as much as they want to conceal this fact and pretend this behavior is related to some isolated terrosist group but the truth will reveal itself one day (and that day may be too late to reverse it). … Continue reading

France: Muslims performed sermon in Arabic, forced priest on his knees and screamed ‘Allahu-Akhbar’ before cutting his head off

Why do they constantly isolate any Muslim who takes the cause of Jihad upon their shoulders, an obligation 1.5 billion Muslims are suppose to engage in, as ‘a member of Islamic state’. This boy was not a member of the Islamic state. He was one of millions of Muslim fans who admire ISIS, but he … Continue reading

French authorities let convicted Muslim terrorist, who decapitated priest, roam free with only electronic tags!

The authorities and political elite are 100% responsible for the beheading of this old priest. This is completely unacceptable. Socialists are the disease of society following Muslims. They are completely cold and senseless. If they had any feelings at all, they would never have this depth of apathy for bringing in mass murderers into their … Continue reading

France: Merkel Muslims decapitate 84-year old local priest in his church and take nuns hostage

We warned a month ago that they were planning attacks. You could see the signs. London is next. Meanwhile, they are more focused on “hate crimes” against “mosques, churches and synagogues”. Well, who is it that commit those hate crimes against churches and synagogues? The same people who fake hate crimes against thier own mosques. … Continue reading

Syrian ‘refugees’ who fled war don’t like safe, quiet Scottish island ‘full of old people’

Not much of ‘refugees’, are they? Real refugees who truly live through real horrors are grateful for a dry cardboard box to sleep in. They don’t complain. As long as the suffering and fear is gone, they are satisfied. . . Syrian refugees settled on the remote Scottish island of Bute complain they are now … Continue reading

Germany: Merkel refugee detonates suicide bomb outside music festival injuring 12 – police ‘don’t know motive’

The motive? Well, isn’t that easy to determine. Just ask the media. It will either be  divorce, bullying or mental health issue. For some reason everyone screams Allahu-Akhbar while suffering from these conditions. Don’t explain, however, why Muslims in particular have so many issues that result in slaughtering infidels. Previously German media blamed the explosion … Continue reading

Germany: Afghan youth arrested over role in Ali Sonboly’s Munich killings

Afghan youth arrested over possible role in Ali Sonboly’s Munich killings Police have arrested 16-year-old friend of Ali Sonboly as a potential accomplice to the killing of nine people in Munich Reuters 24 July 2016 • 9:43pm German police arrested a 16-year-old Afghan youth on Sunday on suspicion of a connection to the killing of … Continue reading