Days after ISIS calls for baseball bat attacks, Muslim migrants attack truckers with bats in Calais

Jihad is taking place at Calais daily, yet authorities don’t even seem to notice. A few days back PJ media reported: “A new ISIS terror video has urged followers to use household goods to conduct jihad against the West. … During the film, terrorists are advised they do not require sophisticated weaponry or explosives to … Continue reading

Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Muslims Try Baseball Bat, Power Screwdriver

PJ media is wrong about one thing. ISIS is not suggesting ‘jihadists’ use any household goods they can get their hands on to kill non-Muslims. ISIS is instruction regular Muslims, any Muslim, to commit murders as their religious duty to Islam. . . Calling for Another Nice-Style Attack, ISIS Suggests Jihadists Try Baseball Bat, Power … Continue reading

Yazidi doused herself in petrol and set herself on fire to look ‘undesirable’

‘Their voice was in my ears, I was so scared’: Yazidi teenager raped by ISIS militants reveals how she doused herself in petrol and set herself on fire to look ‘undesirable’ in case Islamist fighters came for her again  Yasmin was held in ISIS captivity for a week and was repeatedly raped  The teenager escaped … Continue reading

FBI investigates Virginia beheading attempt for terror signs

Really? Are they sure he didn’t just slip on the knife (fifteen times) and is now another poor Muslim being vilified? . . FBI Opens Terrorist Investigation Into Virginia Stabbing for Possible ISIS Link Wasil Farooqui / Screenshot from YouTube BY: Natalie Johnson, Washington Free Beacon August 23, 2016 4:47 pm The FBI is investigating … Continue reading

Australia: Religion of Peace strikes with knife-wielding ‘Allahu Akhbar’ in backpacker hostel

Australia has a significant problem with Muslim terrorism. According to the 2011 census, 476,291 people, or 2.2% of the total Australian population, were Muslims. This made Islam the fourth largest religious grouping, after all forms of Christianity (61.1%), irreligion (22.9%), and Buddhism (2.5%). If Muslims are already targeting police, politicians and civilians with constant random … Continue reading

UK: Muslims hauled off flight after looking at ISIS propaganda blame ‘discrimination’

‘False allegations’? Just rembecause they deleted the content doesn’t make them ‘victims’ of false allegations. Rember their names and wait a few years. . . Muslim siblings hauled off easyJet flight after claims they were looking at Isil propaganda on phones  Sakina Dharas and her sister Maryam and brother Ali. Ben Farmer 23 August 2016 … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Published Anti-American Articles

Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Huma Abedin Published Articles that Blamed USA for 911, Blamed Women For Violence Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images Breitbart News by Lee Stranahan, 21 Aug 2016 The Daily Mail and the New York Post continue to build on the damning case against Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin that … Continue reading

Brussels: Machete-wielding woman ‘with mental problems’ lunge at bus passengers – get shot by police

Not terror-related, but a mental patient. Now, what will EU law say about police shooting people with “mental problems”? Isn’t there strict laws against that? The lies these shitty socialist tell to escape public scrutiny and avoid any form of responsibility is just appalling. The level of lying by European politicians is competing with Africa! … Continue reading

Bangladesh ethnic cleansing: Another Hindu priest is hacked to death by Muslims

Muslims are committing deliberate genocide on the Hindus to make sure the country is cleared of any infidels, in accordance to the instructions by the world’s most famous paedophile, slave trader and looter – the prophet of Islam. The same is happening in Muslim occupied Kashmir in the North of India, a region which has … Continue reading

Sweden: Migrants are responsible for 95% of all crimes, overrepresented by +430%

Originally posted on Muslim Statistics:
This report is translated from Swedish into English using Google and may contain minor errors. The translation is taken from a post on Affes blog. The owner of the blog (who appears to work in Swedish television) regularly keep the Swedish public updated on government statistics and researches missing stats…

California Muslim Convert ‘misunderstands’ Islam, beheads his foster grandparents in the cause of jihad

  Man accused of killing grandparents was influenced by radical Islamists, police say Police investigate a home in the 600 block of Alexander Street in Glendale, where the bodies of William and Verna Scheiern were found. (Al Seib / Los Angeles Times) Alene Tchekmedyian, LATimes A 35-year-old man accused of bludgeoning his foster grandparents to … Continue reading

Syria: ISIS arm Nour al-Din al-Zenki Jihadi propaganda hits the bleeding hearts of dhimmi world media

Why can’t the media learn what Islam is all about? Then they wouldn’t be so confused all the time. Here we have another staged photo-op, another Alyan Kurdi moment, with no background checks. Roll five-year-old Omran in building rubble and dust, then pour some blood from a slaughtered animal on him, place a few pro-ISIS … Continue reading

UK: Muslim woman is jailed after four-year stalking campaign against church warden

Socialite, 49, dubbed ‘London’s most dangerous woman’ is jailed for sick stalking campaign against church warden she met online  Farah Dan contacted the married man in October 2013 over the internet  They met up to discuss Dan’s social housing company when she struck Dan seduced the man, who insisted their relationship was professional She was … Continue reading

UK: Ramadan fasting blamed on Muslim driver who ran red light and crashed train

Now the truth comes out from this story, published two months ago without any name or background details about the driver. Of course it was a Muslim. Did he shout ‘Allahu-Akbar’ while deliberately running through red lights? People fast for an entire week in other religions without derailing trains, knifing people, beheading bystanders, trying to … Continue reading