Saudi Arabia Bans Transgenders

Saudi Arabia has formally banned “transgender” people from even visiting that country, a move coming on top of their long-standing ban on homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Despite this, the U.S. government and other European nations—who all support “LGBT rights,” maintain strong links with the Saudis, and are even in a military alliance with them against … Continue reading

Pakistan: Muslims sentenced for throwing Christian couple alive into oven after falsely accusing them of setting fire to a Koran

Perhaps all is not lost in Pakistan, an extreme hotbed of extremism. . . Five Pakistani Muslims who burned a Christian couple in a kiln after falsely accusing them of setting fire to a Koran are sentenced to death  Christian couple were wrongly accused of throwing away pages of Koran The couple were dragged by … Continue reading

Germany: Santa Claus is sacked for objecting to the increasing number of child marriages in the country

German Santa Sacked After Sharing Anti-Child Marriage Post Online by Chris Tomlinson Breitbart, 23 Nov 2016163 A Christmas market Santa Claus was sacked in Germany after sharing a post from the hipster-right Identitarian movement which called for action against the increasing number of child marriages in the country. The Bavarian town of Mühldorf has fired the … Continue reading

Italian women are terrified to leave their homes after Merkel Muslim influx in small town

Terrified Italian women turn against migrants: ‘It is not safe here anymore’ AN Italian town has been left gripped by fear after an influx of migrants has seen terrified women too scared to leave their homes. By Rebecca Perring PUBLISHED: 04:18, Wed, Nov 23, 2016 |   “It is not safe here anymore” Frightened females … Continue reading

Chief editor of the Muslim Times hates burkas, ‘everyone knows what it stands for but does not say’

  Muslim writer says he ‘ABHORS’ burkas & calls for the Koran to be taken in modern context A LEADING Muslim religious commentator has said he “abhors” the Burka for what it stands for as he warned “everyone knows but does not say” the Koran needs to be taken in the context of the modern … Continue reading

ISIS does Saudi master’s bidding and executes Yemeni Colonel

  ISIS release sickening video game-style first person shooter footage of Yemeni Colonel’s assassination  Airport security Col. Abd Al-Rahim Al-Dale’i was executed by ISIS militants Islamic State later released the first person footage of the callous attack  There have been several assassination attempts on leading political figures and soldiers in the city of Aden, Yemen’s … Continue reading

Gamer uncovers ‘absolutely massive boy child **** ring in the Middle East’

Twittergate: More ‘massive child porn rings’ emerge on following shock discovery MORE Twitter “child porn rings” have emerged after a user exposed thousands of sick graphic images hosted and shared on the site, it has been claimed. The Star By Margi Murphy / Published 22nd November 2016   TWITTERGATE: A slew of child porn accounts … Continue reading

France: Seven Muslims held for plot to launch simultaneous attacks in Paris and Marseille

Suspected money man of French terror cell planning simultaneous strikes ‘tried to enter Britain on false passport’   Seven men are being held in connection with a suspected plot to launch simultaneous attacks in Paris and Marseille Credit: Reuters Henry Samuel, Paris Telegraph, 22 November 2016 • 5:05pm A suspected member of a terror cell … Continue reading

US warns of ‘heightened’ risk of Muslim terror attacks on Christmas markets in Europe

US warns of ‘heightened’ risk of terror attacks on Christmas markets in Europe as Isil loses grip on Mosul and Raqqa The US warned travellers to be vigilant at Christmas markets Credit: Alamy   Raf Sanchez, Middle East correspondent Telegraph, 22 November 2016 • 12:25pm The US has warned its citizens that Europe is facing … Continue reading

New York police arrest devout Muslim in Brooklyn ‘planning Times Square attack’

New York police arrest Isil sympathiser in Brooklyn ‘planning Times Square attack’ Police on guard in Times Square   Harriet Alexander, New York Telegraph, 22 November 2016 • 7:53pm Police in New York have arrested a man who they say was plotting a terrorist attack on Times Square, copying the rampage this summer in Nice. … Continue reading

German courts rule that Sharia patrols harassing people in Wuppertal, break no laws

People are so delusional. This problem has to be stopped and banned now. They forget that the Taliban started small in Afghanistan while Afghan women were wearing short skirts and going to University. No one did anything to get rid of them. And today the whole country is in war and under their control. Iran’s … Continue reading

Austria’s foreign minister call for an immediate ban on Koran distribution

‘Lies’ indeed it is, the Koran. . . A Lies! stall in Munich. Photo:   Kurz calls for Austria to ban Koran distribution The Local, Published: 18 Nov 2016 Austria’s foreign minister Sebastian Kurz has called for an immediate ban on Islamic fundamentalists who distribute copies of the Koran, saying that the law needs … Continue reading

Sharia in Germany: Muslim ties a rope around woman’s neck and drag her down the street behind his car

These kind of honor killings are common in the Arab world. She may have wanted a divorce, or she could have been a relative acting outside of male permission. Imagine what these women go through, living with these savages.  The M-word is of course not mentioned. Muslims ridicule the European legal system and have no fear … Continue reading

France: **** addicted Muslim who raped 80-year-old and then sliced her up, is jailed for life

Pornography addict who raped and murdered an 80-year-old British woman in France then cut up her body and scattered it in a field is jailed for life  The mutilated body of Violet Price discovered in two different locations Mrs Price, an 80-year-old British expat, went missing in April last year Madi Mahaboudi 33, was convicted … Continue reading

New survey finds twenty billion barrels of oil worth up to $900 billion under west Texas

Bye, bye Saudi Barbaria. . . New survey finds twenty billion barrels of oil worth up to $900 billion under west Texas in largest continuous field ever discovered in the U.S.  The Wolfcamp Shale in the Permian Basin, west Texas, has an estimated 20 billion barrels of oil worth up to $900 billion It also has … Continue reading

Austria: Muslim refugees brutally attacked Polish girl until her jaw broke in two

They fabricated a story, that their veil had been pulled as an excuse to pounce on her. This has nothing to do with headscarves being pulled. It’s staged excuses to attack a non-muslim. It’s simply a form of teen jihad. These kind of attacks are happening in alarming numbers all across Europe. The media barely … Continue reading

Italy: Merkel Muslim sexually assault little boy playing outside his house

Somali migrant arrested over ‘sexual assault’ of little boy playing outside house A SOMALI migrant has been arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a little boy playing outside his house. By ALIX CULBERTSON PUBLISHED: 00:00, Thu, Nov 17, 2016 | The little boy was allegedly sexually assaulted by a Somali migrant in Italy. The 20-year-old asylum … Continue reading