Discussion Of Iranian Violations Of JCPOA Is Futile; The Inspection Procedure Designed By The Obama Administration Precludes Actual Inspection And Proof Of Violations

The JCPOA’s Inspection Procedure Precludes Actual Inspection And Proof Of Violations

The public debate in the U.S. over the future of the JCPOA, amid media reports that President Trump has demanded that his national security team provide evidence of Iranian violations of the a…

Islamic State May Be Eyeing Balkans As Next Area Of Influence: Local Support, Proximity To Western Europe, Notorious Network of Arms Trafficking Make Region An Attractive Option

“Baqiya wa tatamaddad,” (remaining and expanding), one of the primary tenets shaping the Islamic State’s ideology, and by extension its messaging, needs to be upheld so that the organization is perceived to be keeping its promises. At the moment, ISIS’s grip on its strongholds of…

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Reaffirms “Islamic Caliphate” Ambition

In an effort to invigorate the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the group's leaders, Magdy Shalash, reminded supporters that the organization's main objective is establishing an "Islamic Caliphate" based on "Sharia" law. "The Muslim Brotherhood was established

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