Pope announces immigration propaganda week for Catholics (October 7-13)


Bishop Vasquez cropped photo

We are disturbed and deeply disappointed by the proposed presidential determination number of 45,000,” said Bishop Joe S. Vasquez of Austin, Texas, who is chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration. //www.catholicnews.com/services/englishnews/2017/faith-groups-ask-government-to-reconsider-historically-low-refugee-cap.cfm

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops insisted that Trump admit 75,000 paying refugee clients to the US beginning October 1.  But, not a word at Crux that they receive millions of tax payer dollars for their Christian charity as the largest of nine federal refugee contractors.***


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Hillary’s legacy in Libya could affect you!

UN short-circuiting the flow from Libya to Europe by sending migrants to the good ol’ welcoming USA?

Hillary, along with her gal pals Susan Rice and Samantha Power, are the leading culprits in the Obama Administration’s disastrous involvement in the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and the creation of a failed state that has become a primary route for the migrant invasion of Europe.

hillary and gal pals

Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Hillary. Photo is from a blog called The Political Girl that asks: Are women leading the way in Libya?


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Trump White House press release seeks to justify 45,000 FY18 refugee cap

This is more than the usual press statement from the White House on the Presidential Determination. In my experience previous statements have been shorter and certainly not so defensive.


Whose bright idea was it to ‘split the baby’ and place a cap on refugees arriving in the US at a number to anger both sides (Tillerson, Trump, Haley, McMaster?) Unless he morphed into Obama, Trump will never make the Open Borders Left happy, so why look weak and disrespect the base?


Below (hat tip Richard at Blue Ridge Forum) are just some of the nuggets (interspersed with comments from me) that interested me. Read the whole thing here.

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ISIS Video Shows Group Using Unexploded U.S. Ordnance In Its Operations, Manufacturing Bombs For Weaponized Drones

On September 29, 2017, the media office of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Raqqa, Syria released a video showing the group using unexploded U.S. bombs in its martyrdom operations, IED attacks, and drone attacks. The video, which was posted on multiple pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and Te…

New York/New Jersey Memorial Service For Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdi ‘Akef: We Are Under Zionist-Crusader-Zoroastrian Attack In U.S., Europe

At a September 25, 2017 memorial service for former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdi ‘Akef, held by the American Muslim Community in New York and New Jersey, ‘Akef was hailed as a mujahid and a martyr by Sheikh Muhammad Al-Barr, imam of the Mus’ab Bin Umayr Mosque in Brookl…

English-Speaking Chechen Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) Fighter Describes Interactions With Fleeing ISIS Families, Brainwashed Youth On Facebook

A English-speaking Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) fighter of Chechen descent whose screenname is Abu Al Chechen periodically posts updates on Facebook about his experiences in Syria. On several occasions he has described his interactions with children and families who had fled from …

Malaysia: Muslims are Halal and Non-Muslims are Haram

FACT OR BIGOTRY: MUSLIMS ARE ‘HALAL’ & NON-MUSLIMS ARE ‘HARAM’ Malaysia-Chronicle | September 28, 2017 by |   A worker cleans an Islamic plaque of calligraphy saying “Mohammad” on the morning of Eid al-Fitr in a mosque in Kota Bharu, in Malaysia’s northeastern state of Kelantan in this January 8, 2000 file photo. Calls by … Continue reading

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Chinese authorities in Xinjiang ban the Quran

Chinese Police Order Xinjiang’s Muslims to Hand in All Copies of The Quran Radio Free Asia, 2017-09-27   A mosque in Xinjiang’s Turpan city is shown in a file photo. AFP   Chinese authorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang have ordered ethnic minority Muslim families to hand in religious items including prayer mats and … Continue reading

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Myanmar: ‘300 Rohingyas kidnapped 100 Hindus, butcher 92 of them and convert the women’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘300 Rohingyas kidnapped 100 Hindus, killed 92 of them on August 25’ Updated: Sep 25, 2017 | 21:09 IST | Source – Times Now Digital [See the video here] New Delhi: In a stunning disclosure, it has been revealed that 300 Rohingyas abducted 100 Hindus on August 25 and eliminated 92 of them. Eight … Continue reading

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Norwegians now ‘experiencing the same fear as Israelis’ says minister

She is 100% right. It’s appalling for John Oliver to ridicule the Norweigian minister for simply stating a fact. Hollywood and the media industry – the most discriminatory and gender biased of any industry – has become more absurd by the week in their aggressive efforts to use reversed psychology on anyone who may offer … Continue reading

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First 50 of Australia’s failed asylum seekers have arrived in US

And, yes, Mr. President, the deal was “dumb” and it makes you “look terrible.”

We have America’s hurricane refugees and you are bringing in ‘refugees’ that Australia does not want on its mainland!

Trump and Turnbull shitty grin

What is Trump grinning about?  He (we!) get nothing out of the deal that saves Turnbull’s political neck.


The news that they were leaving Australia’s detention centers en route  to at least five American states is two days old, so surely they have been delivered.

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Swiss Parliament Votes to Ban Foreign-Funded Mosques amd Preachers

It should have been done from day 1. Hopefully it’s not too late. The effect for allowing Wahhabi ideology to be imported from Saudi Arabia and Qatar is already a massive problem all across Europe. Read here how unethical US lawfirms exploit American laws on behalf of Qatari’s, who only acknowledge Sharia law. . . … Continue reading

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Afghan Taliban Statement Marking 21st Anniversary Of Taliban Conquest Of Kabul: ‘We Hope To Once Again See The White Flag… Fluttering Over The Capital Kabul’

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (the Taliban’s shadow government) has issued a statement marking the 21st anniversary of the Taliban’s conquest of Kabul in 1996. The following is the statement in the original English, lightly edited for clarity and standardization:

“On this…

Phony outrage from Senators on Trump refugee consultation with Congress

I can’t spend a lot of time on this, but it warrants a bit of attention.

These US Senators have no shame! 


Grassley and Feinstein

Senator Grassley has been there 36 years and Feinstein 25 years.  I would like them both to tell us when exactly was the Refugee Act of 1980 properly/legally carried out when it came to the provision involving the Presidential “determination” and “consultation” with Congress.

What the **** is Senator Grassley doing scolding the White House/State Department, complaining that the legal process was not followed on THIS year’s legally required consultation on the refugee CEILING/CAP.

For the last ten years (and probably the ten before I was watching), Congress never paid any attention to the law when it came to the President’s determination about how many refugees COULD be admitted in the coming fiscal year.

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HIAS leads the pack: wants Congress to admit more refugees than Trump’s 45,000 ceiling

Nevermind, that the Refugee Act of 1980 gives the power to the President to set the CAP/CEILING*** for refugee admissions for the coming fiscal year which begins on Sunday.

I have to laugh because I can always count on the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society to be the first of the nine federal contractors to break from the gate on the next political action the refugee industry will take.

mark-hetfield-hias logo

As CEO of HIAS, Hetfield makes an annual salary of $358,718 (doing well by doing good!). Will he take a pay cut if there aren’t enough paying ‘clients’ (aka refugees) entering the US this year?

For new readers, see how much of your money,  your tax dollars, goes to each of the nine to resettle refugees on a per head basis, here.

There can never be serious reform while the nine are rolling in your money using it to hold rallies and lobby on the Hill while the media tries to make the public think that this is all about ‘humanitarianism’ and ‘religious charity.’

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