Fatah officials: “Jesus was the first Palestinian”

    "Dozens of members of our people lit the Christmas tree last night [Dec. 19, 2018] in the village of Khan Al-Ahmar (a site where Palestinian Bedouins illegally erected dwellings; see note below –Ed.), east of occupied Jerusalem. PLO Executive Committee member and Fatah Central Committee member Azzam Al-Ahmad said: 'The lighting of the Christmas tree each year has many meanings in Palestine.' … He added: 'Christmas is one of the permanent Palestinian symbols, and the whole world follows Mass in Bethlehem… The children of Khan Al-Ahmar are happy about the lighting of this tree, as it is the symbol of the first Palestinian, Jesus, peace be upon him. We, the members of the Palestinian people, are celebrating Christmas together with everyone in the land of Palestine.' … Secretary-General of the National Initiative [and PA Parliament member] Mustafa Barghouti… said: 'Jesus, who was born on this land, was a Palestinian and defeated his suffering. This tree hints at an additional victory that the members of our people will achieve at Khan Al-Ahmar.'"
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