Month: February 2019

  • Pushing Aside Jewish Concerns About BDS

    January saw the BDS-induced antisemitism crisis within the Women’s March reach its peak and a newly elected BDS supporter appointed to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In both cases, Jewish concerns were pushed aside, fringe Jewish support was

  • How Tehran Plans to Control Syria

    Originally published under the title “Iran’s Strategy for Control of Syria.” Recent statements by a number of Israeli officials have claimed a degree of success in Israel’s efforts to contain and roll back Iran’s entrenchment in Syria. But while Israel’s

  • U.S. Syria Policy: Get Others to Pick up the Slack

    The new reports come amid a storm that is brewing in the US. The State Department is hosting foreign ministers from the Global Coalition that is fighting ISIS on February 6.

  • The Palestinians: Who Really Cares?

    Protests by the Palestinians in Lebanon are unlikely to draw any attention from the international community, including so-called pro-Palestinian groups that are active especially on university campuses in the US and Canada, among other places. The real