Minnesota mainline churches going the way of the Dodo bird!

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has posted one of those head-scratcher stories about the decline in church involvement in Minnesota led by mainstream protestant churches with Catholic churches not far behind.

I’m sure you can all give many reasons for why this is happening, but for me, I say a major reason is that Cultural Marxism is winning.  When Communism was all the rage around the world, it didn’t catch on in America (in any big way) for a couple of reasons—strong families and strong churches.

Those who wanted to change America knew they had to destroy the family and the church and so they are!

As we see with the immigration issue, they knew too that they had to import poverty as Americans were doing better and moving up the ladder to more prosperity.

The Leftists have taken over and politicized many churches (Episcopal here in my post just yesterday) and the rest of us don’t want to have anything to do with political Leftwing agitators using the pulpit for their socialist/commie message, so (some) churches will die and maybe that isn’t a bad thing!

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Islam Is a Religion-Government


It is an historical fact and Muslim belief that Islam is a religion-government; so that Islam is not simply a religion.  In every country where Muslims gain power, they enact and enforce Muslim laws, which are primitive and horrendous (arousing horror).  These laws are called “Sharia Law.”